Journal articles

24. Reference frames which separately store non-commuting conserved quantities

Sandu Popescu, Ana Belén Sainz, Anthony J. Short, Andreas Winter

Physical Review Letters 125, 090601 (2020).

23. Bipartite post-quantum steering in generalised scenarios

Ana Belén Sainz, Matty J. Hoban, Paul Skrzypczyk, Leandro Aolita

Physical Review Letters 125, 050404 (2020).

22. Quantifying Bell: The Resource Theory of Nonclassicality of Common-Cause Boxes

Elie Wolfe, David Schmid, Ana Belén Sainz, Ravi Kunjwal, Robert W. Spekkens

Quantum 4, 280 (2020).

21. The complexity of compatible measurements

Paul Skrzypczyk, Matty J. Hoban, Ana Belén Sainz, Noah Linden

Physical Review Research 2, 023292 (2020).

20. Quantum violations in the Instrumental scenario and their relations to the Bell scenario

T. Van Himbeeck, J. Bohr Brask, S. Pironio, R. Ramanathan, A. B. Sainz, E. Wolfe

Quantum 3, 186 (2019).

19. Almost Quantum Correlations are Inconsistent with Specker’s Principle

T. Gonda, R. Kunjwal, D. Schmid, E. Wolfe, A. B. Sainz

Quantum 2, 87 (2018).

18. A formalism for steering with local quantum measurements

A. B. Sainz, L. Aolita, M. Piani, M. J. Hoban, P. Skrzypczyk

New Journal of Physics 20, 083040 (2018).

17. Almost quantum correlations violate the no-restriction hypothesis

Ana Beén Sainz, Yelena Guryanova, Antonio Acín, Miguel Navascués

Physical Review Letters 120, 200402 (2018)

16. Quantum Reference Frames and Their Applications to Thermodynamics

Sandu Popescu, Ana Belén Sainz, Anthony J. Short, Andreas Winter

Philosophical Transactions A 376 (2123), 20180111 (2018).

15. A channel-based framework for steering, non-locality and beyond

Matty J. Hoban and Ana Belén Sainz

New Journal of Physics 20, 053048 (2018).

14. Multipartite Composition of Contextuality Scenarios

Ana Belén Sainz and Elie Wolfe

Foundations of Physics 48, 925 (2018). Special issue on “Foundational aspects of quantum information theory”.

13. Almost quantum correlations and their refinements in a tripartite Bell scenario

James Vallins, Ana Belén Sainz and Yeong-Cherng Liang

Physical Review A 95, 022111 (2017).

12. Tightness of correlation inequalities with no quantum violation

R. Ramanathan, M. T. Quintino, A. B. Sainz, G. Murta, R. Augusiak

Physical Review A 95, 012139 (2017).

11. A new property of the Lovász number and duality relations between graph parameters

Antonio Acín, Runyao Duan, David E. Roberson, Ana Belén Sainz and Andreas Winter

Discrete Applied Mathematics 216, 489-501 (2017).

10. Adjusting inequalities for detection-loophole-free steering experiments

Ana Belén Sainz, Yelena Guryanova, Will McCutcheon, Paul Skrzypczyk

Physical Review A 94, 032122 (2016).

9. Classical communication cost of quantum steering

Ana Belén Sainz, Leandro Aolita, Nicolas Brunner, Rodrigo Gallego, Paul Skrzypczyk

Physical Review A 94, 012308 (2016).

8. Nonlocality in many-body quantum systems detected with two-body correlators

J. Tura, R. Augusiak, A. B. Sainz, B. Lücke, C. Klempt, M. Lewenstein, A. Acín

Annals of Physics , 362, 370-423 (2015).

7. Postquantum steering

Ana Belén Sainz, Nicolas Brunner, Daniel Cavalcanti, Paul Skrzypczyk, Tamás Vértesi

Physical Review Letters 115, 190403 (2015).

6. Macroscopic non-contextuality as a principle for Almost Quantum Correlations

Joe Henson and Ana Belén Sainz

Physical Review A 91, 042114 (2015).

5. A Combinatorial Approach to Nonlocality and Contextuality

Antonio Acín, Tobias Fritz, Anthony Leverrier and Ana Belén Sainz

Communications in Mathematical Physics 334, 533-628 (2015).

4. Translationally invariant Bell inequalities involving only two-body correlators

J. Tura, R. Augusiak, A. B. Sainz, T. V ́ertesi, M. Lewenstein and A. Acín

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 47 (42), 424024 (2014), special issue devoted to ‘50 years of Bell’s theorem’.

3. Exploring the Local Orthogonality Principle

A. B. Sainz, T. Fritz, R. Augusiak, J. B. Brask, R. Chaves, A. Leverrier and A. Acín

Physical Review A 89, 032117 (2014).

2. Detecting nonlocality in many-body quantum states

J. Tura, R. Augusiak, A. B. Sainz, T. V ́ertesi, M. Lewenstein and A. Acín

Science 344, no. 6189 pp. 1256-1258 (2014).

1. Local Orthogonality as a multipartite principle for quantum correlations

T. Fritz, A. B. Sainz, R. Augusiak, J. B. Brask, R. Chaves, A. Leverrier and A. Acín

Nature Communications 4, 2263 (2013).