Invited Talks

KCIK/ICTQT Symposium – Sopot, Poland (May 2022)

Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference – Vienna, Austria (Sep 2021).

Quantum correlations, Contextuality and All That Again^3 – Natal, Brazil (Nov 2019).

International Conference for Young Quantum Information Scientists – Gdańsk, Poland (Sep 2019).

New Directions in the Foundations of Physics – Viterbo, Italy (May 2019).

PIMan workshop – Chapman University, CA, US (Mar 2019).

Quantum Innovators in computer science and mathematics – IQC, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Oct 2018).

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics workshop – Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Jul 2018).

  • Quantum violations in the Instrumental scenario and their relations to the Bell scenario

John Templeton Foundation ‘Quantum causal structures’ meeting – Oxford, UK (Jun 2018).

American Physics Society March Meeting – Los Angeles, USA (Mar 2018).

Workshop on Quantum Correlations – CQT, Singapore (Feb 2018).

Quantum correlations, Contextuality and All That Again and Again – Natal, Brazil (Nov 2017).

Quantum Networks – Oxford, UK (Aug 2017).

Contextuality: Conceptual Issues, Operational Signatures, and Applications – PI, Waterloo, ON, Canada (Jul 2017).

Solstice of Foundations: Contextuality workshop – Zürich, Switzerland (Jun 2017).

Compositionality Workshop, Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing – Berkeley, CA, USA (Dec 2016).

  • Postquantum steering

7th Physics and Computation workshop (satellite to 15th International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation) – Manchester, UK (Jul 2016).

Workshop on Contextuality as a resource in quantum computation – London, UK (Jun 2016).

Workshop on Quantum Nonlocality, Causal Structures, and Device-Independent Quantum Inf. – Tainan, Taiwan (Dec 2015).

Zero-error information, Operators, and Graphs – Barcelona, Spain (Nov 2015).

Quantum correlations, Contextuality and All That Again – Natal, Brazil (Nov 2015).

Quantum correlations, Contextuality and All That Again – Natal, Brazil (Nov 2015).

Foundations of Quantum Information – Lake Okanagan, BC, Canada (Jul 2015).

  • Contextuality and nonlocality: Probabilistic models on Contextuality scenarios and the Local Orthogonality principle

New Frontiers of Quantum Information Theory – Ascoli Piceno, Italy (Jul 2014).