1. Contextuality without incompatibility

John H. Selby, David Schmid, Elie Wolfe, Ana Belén Sainz, Ravi Kunjwal, Robert W. Spekkens

arXiv:2106.09045 [quant-ph]

2. Witworld: A generalised probabilistic theory featuring post-quantum steering

Paulo J. Cavalcanti, John H. Selby, Jamie Sikora, Thomas D. Galley, Ana Belén Sainz

arXiv:2102.06581 [quant-ph]

3. Correlations constrained by composite measurements

Łukasz Czekaj, Ana Belén Sainz, John Selby, Michał Horodecki

arXiv:2009.04994 [quant-ph]

4. Revisiting dynamics of quantum causal structures -- when can causal order evolve?

John H. Selby, Ana Belén Sainz, Paweł Horodecki

arXiv:2008.12757 [quant-ph]

5. Why standard entanglement theory is inappropriate for the study of Bell scenarios

David Schmid, Thomas C. Fraser, Ravi Kunjwal, Ana Belen Sainz, Elie Wolfe, Robert W. Spekkens

arXiv:2004.09194 [quant-ph]